SEO/ Digital Marketing

SEO & Digital Media Marketing

We design custom digital marketing campaigns that are tailored to increase business paid and organic leads. We offer 360-degree digital marketing solutions with Whitehat SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing and other digital marketing solutions to increase leads and attract potential customers.

What does our SEO service do?

As a professional SEO company, we aim to catapult your website to the top of the search engine results with our SEO service. You may ask the question of why you need help from an agency, and we have here a very solid answer.

While SEO service can be done in-house or by any small-scale business on their own, it still requires expertise and experience to ensure that it will result in the desired outcome. It is important to note that it is a long-term process, and unlike paid campaigns, its success relies on a number of factors including a carefully planned strategy, with regular monitoring and refinements. Therefore, dedicated resources, tools, and manpower are needed and must be ready beforehand. In any case, if your strategy goes wrong, advice and recommendations from experienced experts can guide you safely out of trouble.



Website Evaluation

Our SEO experts provide a comprehensive SEO health check and free audit for your website.

These can provide us with in-depth insights into the parts of your website that need optimization, and a chance for us to discuss with you the potential objectives and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) you would like to set up for the project.


Strategy Planning

Upon learning your objectives and pinpointing the KPIs for your business, the next step is one of the most crucial steps; planning your strategy.

Utilizing the data and information about the strengths and weak points of your website, we will build a bespoke strategy that fits your vision and is able to generate the results you would like by optimizing the aspects needed.


Potential SEO Keywords

To maximize the effectiveness and impact of SEO, Our experts will analyze your website’s search engine ranking, website content, structure, and compare your keywords.

Our  SEO experts will also counter propose new keywords based on user search habits, by balancing the keyword search volume and its keyword difficulty.


Content Improvement

Experts will check the specified SEO keywords and provide the corresponding content to the website, optimize the title, header, and tags in the articles of the webpage. Most of the time, it is blog posts or text-based content that needs adjustment and enrichment to improve content quality.

However, images, videos, and other forms of multimedia content are taken into consideration for content optimization as well.


Link Building

Another crucial element of content that we pay great attention to is link building. Establishing external and internal links within the content of your page boosts website performance by providing users with the convenience to find the information they are looking for accurately.

Getting backlinks will build the credibility of your website, directly leading to your ranking success.


Optimization for Other Factors

Besides the content and link building, we aim to level up and enhance the structure and the technical setup of your website too. For example, the website security, page speed, and even the image alt text.

We look at the whole idea of how we can improve the overall user experience of your website, and the design covers the entire user journey from search to conversion, that carry out in-depth optimization.


Customized Report

After implementing the SEO recommendation, SoftnCloud Technologies will provide the report of the SEO ranking results, and the monthly performance of the website with data and analysis. The report will allow us to reflect on the performance of the implemented strategy and measure it based on the relevant metrics.

SEO is a long-term process; thus, we will closely monitor and record the results, doing regular reviews to ensure that it runs smoothly.


Adjustments and Recommendations

Constant fine-tuning and adjustments will be made to the strategy upon discussing with you about the effectiveness of the strategy.

Digital Marketing - Social Media Marketing

SoftnCloud Technologies award winning expertise promises quality leads and comprehensive, bespoke strategies thanks to our in-house Facebook ads and Instagram ads team. With our in-house design team ready to facilitate the creation of your Facebook ads or Instagram Ads campaigns on these Meta platforms, we look forward to sharing your story the way you want.



Ad Strategy

A successful campaign cannot start without a good strategy. Our service aims to build a bespoke strategy that helps your overall campaign. There are so many factors to consider for your strategy formulation. For example, the selection of social media platforms, length of the campaign, budget, ad format, and your target audience. All these will be accounted for in how we set up your Facebook ads or Instagram ads, as we need to tailor all the important and decisive details to you.


Campaign Management & Maintenance

After finalizing the strategy, we will set up the Facebook ads or Instagram ads in the ads manager, selecting suitable options for your campaign goal, budget, ad format, and ad placement. We have a team of specialists who are familiar with the process and can undertake the necessary steps to execute the ad strategy by configuring the right settings in the ads manager. Once the campaign starts running, they will continue to monitor the performance and adjust any settings to ensure that the technical aspect of the campaign is covered.


Copywriting and Creative Assets

Quality text copy and creative visual assets can attract your target audience and get them engaged. We have experts to craft eye catching text and make striking images for your Facebook ads and Instagram ads. Considering the style and target audience of your brand, our experts will enhance your brand voice and image with text and images.


Data Analysis & Tracking

Initiating the campaign is only the beginning. We will continue to monitor and track the performance of your Facebook ads or Instagram ads by collecting and analyzing the relevant data. A personalized report will then be created specifically for your reference to indicate the key metrics, the resulting data, and most importantly our analysis for us to discuss how to improve your campaign.


Monitoring & A/B Testing

To optimize the performance result in the best way possible, we will perform A/B testing and prepare at least two sets of assets to run campaigns of Facebook ads and Instagram ads. Depending on the performance data, we will accordingly make adjustments and possibly choose one set of the ad over another.